DeAngelos Jewelry

DeAngelos Jewelry will help you enhance your style. DeAngelos is the finest jewelry store in Modesto, California. Elegant engagement and wedding rings, stylish watches, and other fine jewelry. We have just what you need at the prices you love. With convenient,
in-house financing, friendly service, and a wonderful selection of jewelry, why would you go anywhere else?

Customer Benefits…

  •  Instant credit lines of $500 to $10,000
  •  We report all account to the credit bureau (Equifax)
  •  Credit limit increase every 90 days up to $500
  •  Lifetime Diamond Trade-In & Warranties*
  •  Lifetime Watch Batteries*
  •  Free Jewelry Value Card Program
  •  Free Jewelry Cleaning & Inspecting
  •  Free Sizing (up to 2 sizes)
  • * Lifetime for original purchase with proof of purchase, from DeAngelos Jewelry.

Tom The Creditman

DeAngelos Jewelry is the Home of Tom The Creditman. If you have a credit problem or need to establish credit, let Tom The Creditman help you. Tom guarantees credit to anyone!

“I Guarantee In-Store Financing….” – Tom The Creditman

Since 1995, DeAngelos Jewelry has helped thousands of people rebuild or establish credit. Tom The Creditman has offered credit to everyone with his promise that all you have to do is walk through the door. If your credit has a few dings—bankruptcy, foreclosure, repossession, collections—we can still help you get the credit you deserve plus the jewelry you love.